Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Wrap it Up in Style!

This first scraf is a polar fleece scarf that I snagged at Old Navy on Black Friday for a buck.  I added the crystal monogram iron-on (at Hobby Lobby for 99 cents!).  This gift was quick and easy to make, and so pretty in real life!

Here's the same idea, basically, except I bought the pill free polar fleece for $5.25 at Hobby Lobby (on sale, 30% off!).  I bought one yard of it and was able to cut it into 4 strips.  Each scarf measures 60" long by 9" wide.

These babies are so EASY to make and look like a million bucks (well, almost... $10 at least!)  Don;t forget to snag coupons and use them to help lower the costs too.  Next year, I think i might be a bit more adventureous and make these wraps from crafty and cooking momma.

Coupons Links:
Hobby Lobby (they ONLY accept their own coupons)
Michaels' (they do take competitor's coupons, but it is only 1 coupon per person per day)
JoAnn's (visit their website and submit your email address to get coupons; they do take competitor's coupons)

Monday, November 28, 2011

monogrammed candle

I know monogrammed items are a b-i-g thing again this year, so here is what I've got-- take a 16 oz. jar candle that I picked up for $1.97 on Black Friday, added some wire mesh as a wrap, embellished with green ribbon and a monogram.  This gift looks like it is worth WAY more than the actual price!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Another use for the cricut and vinyl!  I  L-O-V-E my reusable plastic drinking cups with straws, and since everyone seems to have them these days, how cool is it to personalize one for a friend or teacher for he holidays.  The only thing I caution you about is the cup is no longer disherwasher safe after it has been altered.  I typed up a little note to let the recipent know the cup must be hand-washed with a damp cloths only.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Oh, just a side note, these clipboards are a bit more expensive ($2-$3 each) versus a buck a piece for the mansonite boards, but I will pay the difference as long as I don't have to layers on tons of Modege-Podge!

Clip This!

Are these not C U T E?!?!?! I remember using the masonite clipboards, pattern paper and layers upon layers upon layers, and a few more layers of Modge Podge. I hate that! It was so messy and gooey, and gah-ross! Now, with these clear plastic clipboards it is easy-schmeasy with some Cricut self-adhesive vinyl stuff or Core'dinations self-adhesive cardstock.
Ok, since these cuties are gifts for Karsyn's teachers, I wanted to make them adorable! I mean, really, what teacher does not need a clipboard? (I have 3, and the buckeye one above is for me too, making a current total of 4 clipboard for me!) I chose the image I wanted to cut out, selected the color of self-adhesive cardstock or Cricut vinyl, and programed the ole' Cricut to cut. I simply did the peel-n-stick, and VIOLA! The images are on the back of the clipboard and show through, but the names are on the top near the bottom. Goodness knows I didn't want to deal with letter reversals!
Thanks for popping by!