Sunday, October 16, 2011

Just PEEP-ing In!

Where has this chich been? Oh my word, just starting school again this year has taken my time, oh, yeah, and I have a school-age kid now too who has homework each night, dance once a week, creative art club once a week, and more stuff that just pops up in life!
But anyways, I have been working on some Halloweenie treats for Karsyn's kindergarten class (12 kids) and my own homeroom (17 kids). I went big this year, as there are just a few kids in each class.
Ok, here's the recipe:
1 Ghost Peep
2 Pumpkin Peeps
1 Wooden skewer
Skewer the Peeps on the skewer. Insert completed skewer into long skinny cello bag (for dipper pretzles), tie closed. VIOLA!
Oh, and the cutie-patootie tags was made using $1 stamp from Michael's. Colored in with Copic Markers.

1 comment:

  1. These turned out so cute!! I love the fun shaped peeps. The kids are going to love them!!